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English Master Video Series

At a job interview

Having difficulty in giving decent answers in an English job interview? Watch this episode and learn some useful tips from our English Master that can help you to leave a good impression with the interviewer.
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In a meeting

Do you know how to interrupt politely and express your opinion while others are sharing their point of view? Learn from our English Master how to do this skilfully without being rude or making others mad.
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Sales presentation

Feeling panicky when you forgot what you have memorised the night before your presentation? Our English Master will teach you how to make a great opening, transitioning and closing to your presentation.
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Happy Hour chat

Not knowing how to keep the conversation going when you are having small talk with foreign colleagues? Our English Master will teach you what to avoid and the way to continue the chat naturally.
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Travel abroad

Planning a trip to the UK but getting confused with the pronunciation of some famous landmarks? Let our English Master teach you the correct way of saying these tricky names.
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