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Learning English improves your confidence and career prospects, giving you a competitive advantage in the modern, connected world.

Why learn English with the British Council?

  1. We are the world's English experts - we have taught English to more than 100 million people for over 80 years.
  2. Our teachers are experienced and internationally qualified, holding professional teaching qualifications and participating in continuing professional development.
  3. Our unique communicative teaching methodology helps our students best achieve their learning goals.

Why learn English with myClass?

  1. A flexible course allowing you to select the lesson day, time and topics that best suit your busy schedule.
  2. Teaching is 100% face-to-face.
  3. Practical real-life tasks that activate the language you need in the workplace and in everyday life.

Lesson topics

Select from a wide range of lessons focusing on workplace, social, cultural and academic English, with clear, real-life aims for every lesson

Workplace English

Social English

Cultural and Academic English

Assessment & progression

myClass provides you with a clear path of assessment and progression throughout your English learning journey. Our professional student care team of teachers, English Services Consultants, and Student Advisors is here to support you at all stages, helping you to see the progress you are making.

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'myClass has strengthened my grammar and range of vocabulary. The class exercises are very practical as these are based on real-life situations. I can easily apply what I learnt to my workplace. I am more confident in communicating in English now!' – Chris Yuen – myClass student, Pre-intermediate level

Introducing myClub

Develop your confidence and expand your social and professional network with new friends from different countries and backgrounds.

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